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Translations, legalization of documents


Specializes in the translation of the professional level for organizations and persons having foreign business partners.

We carry out translations of more than 70 world languages.

Consistently high quality is the main principle of work of the translation Bureau of Serpukhov chamber of Commerce. We are ready to consider any wishes of the client concerning style and terminology of translation.

Serpukhov chamber of Commerce and industry guarantees:

  • The relatively low prices at high quality of services;
  • Clarity and accuracy of execution of orders, strict adherence to deadlines and all the obligations;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • The simplicity and convenience of ordering and receiving services.


  • Written translation;
  • The translation of web-sites;
  • Translation support of web-sites;
  • Oral translation.


Written translation of a written transfer of meaning from one language to another.

There are several types of written translation such as the technical, legal, literature and advertising.

Technical translation is the translation of scientific and technical documentation.

Thematic translation is the translation of the nature of the subject.

Legal translation is the translation of the texts of a legal nature, such as:

  • constituent documents of legal persons (articles of incorporation, by-laws, certificate of registration);
  • powers of attorney, agreements and contracts of various types;
  • legislative acts of any countries of the world;
  • correspondence with foreign partners;
  • any other documents that may be required in your work.

Advertising translation - translation of texts of various promotional materials (e.g. leaflets, brochures, etc.)

More types of written translation differ according to the method of transfer of information from language to language:

  • Abstract - a summary of the information;
  • Art - translation of fiction;
  • Informative - the exact information transfer.


Work on translating the site requires much patience and attention, because it is necessary to ensure that the translation is not only provided information, but also performed the same function as the original, was well visible to the search engines, and has been optimized according to Western rules. For this purpose must be carefully translating every phrase, drawing Parallels between the cultures of the source language and the target language.


Translation support web site includes the implementation of the operational translation of news, press-releases and other information of Your company, press reviews and other information of your company in a foreign language for its placement in a foreign language version of the web site.


Oral translation is the translation, which is conducted orally, without any electronic or paper carriers. Interpretation can be simultaneous and consecutive.

Consecutive translation is the translation, after some logically completed the segments of the negotiations. Usually simultaneous translation enjoy during your business meetings, telephone conversations, etc.

Simultaneous interpreting is, which takes place almost simultaneously with the speaker, the interpreter a little behind the speaker. This type of translation as a rule is used by any of the seminars, presentations, etc.

Simultaneous translation is much more difficult kind of translation, because it has to translate heard almost on a level with the speaker. The time that ever think no, because if something misses, then translate it cannot, therefore, this type of translation is used much less frequently, although for participants such as the conference this type of translation is better, since it saves time present.

The most typical situation, in which the required services:

negotiations, including on the phone;

holding of seminars, meetings, round tables and other business events;

briefings, presentations, receptions;

the chief-installation and setup of equipment with participation of foreign experts;

translation of the exhibition stand;

participation of an interpreter in court session;

conducting of excursions for Your foreign guests.

We always try to find an interpreter in the shortest terms possible, but it should be remembered that the time of search interpreter very much depend on the translation, the format of the event, the place of its carrying out and the duration of the work. It is for this we convincingly ask You to do the order for consecutive interpreting in advance. The sooner You give us the application, the more we will have time and opportunity to find you the best executor.