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Protvino is 98 km from the Moscow Ring Road and 15 km to the west from Serpukhov in the woods on the Protva river bank 5 km away from where it flows into the Oka.


The head of the city - Andrey Bazhenov
A total of 37,500 people live in Protvino.
The city's total area is 26.6 sq. km.
7.7 sq. km – area for industrial development
500 sq. m – area for agricultural
5.85 sq. km - area for residential housing
0.7 sq. m – area for recreational activities


The city is an environmentally untainted area which is separated from factories by a forest.

Government decree No.654 dated 18 August 2008 Protvino assigned the city the status of being a research city in the Russian Federation.


Main research centres:

• "IHEP" study of high-energy physics and particle physics"
• "Protom" JSC The development and production of equipment for cancer radiation therapy with a proton beam.
• "New technologies" LLC Professional security services
• "NPO DNA Technology" LLC Developments in the field of molecular biology and medical biotechnology
• "NPO Turbotehnika" CJSC Production of turbochargers for a wide range of engines
• "Newfrost" LLC Design and manufacture of heat transfer equipment


435 companies, organisations and institutions operate in Protvino (313 of them are small businesses). 


Main areas of the economy:
- R&D
- industry.

protv enWorkforce
Most of the city's residents are young professionals—mostly engineers and scientists.


A 15 km road connects Protvino and Serpukhov; also motorway M2 (E105) "Crimea" and highway A 108 "Moscow outer ring" are nearby. The federal highway M4 (E115) "Don" and M3 (E101) "Ukraine" are relatively close to the city.
Railways run to Protvino's industrial area.


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