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Come to the Serpukhov Chamber of Commerce and Industry for conducting appraisals:

• Appraisal is carried out in accordance with:

• Federal law No. 135-FZ dated 29.07.1998. "On Appraisal Activities in the Russian Federation";

• Federal standard for appraisal "General appraisal concepts, approaches to appraisal and appraisal requirements (FSO number 1)";

• Federal standard for appraisal "The purpose of appraisal and value types (FSO number 2)";

• Federal appraisal standard, "Requirements for the appraisal report (FSO number 3)";

• internal standards and regulations of self-regulatory organisation of appraisers SIAA

Appraisal is performed on the following facilities:

•  real estate

• land and perennial crops;

• non-residential premises;

• residential premises;

• property complexes of enterprises.

• estimating the cost of machinery, equipment and vehicles

• Corporate valuation (business)

• Intangible Assets

• damages resulting from the house flooding, fire, explosion, flooding, accidents, etc.

• Appraisal is needed in the following cases:

• Getting a loan secured by real estate and land use;

• Determining the value of land and real estate for the transaction of sale, gift, exchange, rent, mortgage, inheritance, lease;

• property privatisation;

• property value for insurance purposes;

• Estimates of the size of damage to real property by third parties;

• Definitions value of lease payments;

• Determining the value of construction in progress;

• property value for the court and the bailiffs, etc.

• creating, purchasing or selling a business;

• merger, joining or separation of companies;

• the owner leaving the business (estimated proportion, earmarking a percentage);

• the division of property.

Appraisals conducted by our employees will allow you to not only adhere to all laws, but to cut down on possible losses as well.